Thursday, August 16, 2007


Hannah H. Meredith (Shaw) is a Great-Great-Great-Grandmother of Hannah Zumda. She was born on February 23, 1837 in Middletown, Ohio but lived as a child on her parents farm in Preble County. She married Aylette Meredith on February 12, 1857. They had eight children. Hannah died on August 27, 1904. Her funeral was held in the recently built 1210 River Street home of her daughter and son in law Clara and Harry Furnas. She is buried in Dayton’s Woodland Cemetery.

This is the home of Hannah and Aylette that was built in 1857 at the corner of Meredith & River (later Riverview Avenue) Streets in Dayton, Ohio. At the time the picture was taken (probably the 1890s), it seems to have been an almost semi-rural setting. Today the area is an inner city poverty zone plagued by drugs and crime.

This is a picture taken late in the life of Hannah Shaw (Barlow) mother of Hannah H. Meredith (Shaw). She was born in Manchester, England on August 10, 1810. She married Joseph Bradbury Shaw, Jr., at the age of 15, on November 28, 1825. They had 15 children. In 1838, they purchased a 106 acre farm in Preble County, Ohio south of Lewisburg on the Brennersville and Twin Township Road. There the family raised sheep and operated a woolen mill. Grandmother Hannah Shaw (Barlow) died on September 18, 1880 and is believed to be buried in Roselawn Cemetary at Lewisburg. RMB

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